lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Azerbaijan Fusion

Back home from Rotterdam at dinnertime had in the fridge only some chicken breast and a little piece of Leerdammer. If you are lucky enough to have hosted home an Azeri friend for a period though, for sure you should get landed with tons of weird stuff. In my case I was plenty of chestnuts, Azeri raisins (nothing special, just HUGE raisins), various kinds of unknown dried fruits and at least 10 different kinds of teas. Thanks Asli.

Alernatives were then to order chinese food or trying to sort out something tasteful from at least the things you know the name of.

The result was great, and without ordering chinese!

Chicken with chestnuts and raisins 
For 2 people:
- 300 gs. of chicken breast
- 80 gs of raisins
- 100 gs of chestnusts
- 50 gs of butter
- 1/2 glass of white wine
- flour, salt, pepper and herbs (sage, persil, rosemary)

Dip the raisins in warm water for 10 mins. and in the meanwhile roast the chestnuts and cut the chicken breast into cubes. Dust the cubes with the flour and start frying it in a large pan with the butter and the sage. While the chicken is cooking, peel the chestnuts and cut it along with the raisins in little pieces. When the chicken appears to be cooked, insert the chestnuts and raisins. Salt, pepper, add persil and rosemary and mix well. Vaporize with the wine and serve it hot with flakes of Leerdammer on it and a cup of blossoming rose tea.

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