mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Kuki Veggieburger

Asli and I survived the 5 hours Wagner's Valkyries opera at La Scala and nearly enjoyed it!

It was midnight already, didn't have dinner and still dreaming about Kukiburgers. Unfortunately, no more hamburgers and/or fresh sanwiches left. Luckily, I always keep in the fridge some veggieburger or similar and a pack of sandwich loaf.

That's how Kuki's veggieburger came to life.

Proceedings are the same as the Kukiburger except for the veggieburger and the sandwhich loaf.

 if you think this way it could be too low in fats, do as we did, add  a sunny-side up egg on top!

Oh, a little present to all my beloved readers, some pictures from Wagner's Valkyries and La Scala Theater! Enjoy!

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