sabato 11 dicembre 2010

Gypsy things aka "Zingarate" at the Artisan's Exhibit in Milan

If you wanna have lunch or dinner for free just go to the Artisan's Exhibit  ("Fiera dell'Artigianato") held in these days - till tomorrow Sunday 11 - in Milan. If you were smart as me, though, you would avoid to go there during the weekend.

Anyway, you will find tons of sample tastes of cheeses and cold cuts (mainly salami) in the Sicilian, Calabrian, Puglia and French stands. I did not take pictures because I was simply too busy in eating.

Apart those zingarate, the sad thing is that you can easily spot the difference between the diverse areas of Italy: deep south brought nearly only food; centre, there was food (mainly pork roast) and some manufacturers (textiles); north, nearly only manufacturer and factory stands, with a notable exception (for me, at least): the marinaded garlic from the Franciacorta (Brescia) area.

The look is totally garlic, but taste is damned good and it does not smell at all! Internet tells me that it's not something typical from Brescia and that it's very easy to prepare home. Anyway, I bought this jar of marinaded garlic, pizzaiola recipe, and will probably use it as part of some aperitivo:

Oh, btw, Have you seen the pic with the chocolate tools? Nice in the shape but far too expensive for being just a mediocre chocolate. Anyway, I was with a Russian friend who liked them and bought kgs...

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